Why Woven

Well, it’s a good question. Well frankly, when we started in the industry, woven synthetic rattan was the new outdoor material. We fell in love with it. ​

ohmm premium material why woven


Over the years we have experimented with stainless steel, mesh and teak materials. Stainless steel is not stainless. It will ‘tea stain’ and rust if not regularly maintained. Powder coated aluminium with mesh have their problems. The aluminium gets hot to touch in the sun and the mesh is not very robust and after some time is prone to sag and mould. Difficult to replace mesh outside a factory environment. Teak, if not treated with a marine varnish will ‘patina’ – go greyish and not look very premium, especially when combined with other modern materials. Bottom line, they all don’t add up to a great performance. Not good for our clients. Not good for us. ​


So we leave it to others to make products from these materials. ​And we just focus on making best quality synthetic rattan furniture in the world with the best woven craftsmen in the world. Not only does synthetic rattan last with its robust physical properties and low maintenance, it comes in a wide choice of colours and profiles allowing greater design freedom. It's also repairable too. ​

OHMM Handcrafted Quality Badge - Why Woven
OHMM - Tamaru Collection - Why Woven


​After more than fifteen years in the industry, common sense has taught us woven furniture is enduring above all other materials. ​Makes sense for our clients. For us. And for Mother Earth too. ​